What We Do


Our programs for ARCOS  Uganda include:

  1. Education support for distutes, school drop out, vulnerable ( OUC) by providing school dues like books, lunch uniforms, and conselling  learners and family/ guardians who provided survival skills
  2. We have two basic educating institutions  Gayaza secondary and vocational school and Gayaza preparatory schools  as establish by organization. Other schools are reached to cater for education support.
  3. We want help in soliciting funds to construct or provide infrastructure for our  preparatory  schools facilities and a laboratory and vocational school with tools intergrate theory with practical for survival skills. Among OVSC
  4. Coordinate ARCOS Uganda activities with volunteers, local and international communities for donations, consultation ad.
  5. Establish ways of helping a girl child  especially orphans,girls under different harassments, widows and women in development and social  workers.

Here we are trying to construct a centre to be used as meeting place and hostel for vulnerable girls  attending  school, Food security  and environment protection

  1. Poverty alleviation  programme which encourages women, widows, youyh to participate in economic activities like a gro-vet programme, craft making skill training like building tailoring , tree planting and providing a micro finance which can help the local community have revolving funds. Through poverty alleviation we offer food security, environment protection and revolving fund.
  2. Health and sanitation is another programme,we offer health services to serve in institution and the community. Our health unit as a mobile clinic reaches women and provides safe motherhood services as well as services to elderly and youth and general counseling  and for HIV/AIDS and morbility.
  1. Peace makers international is a programme established to create peacefull  security . it was found many members have had atrocities and ……………… caused by lack of services of arbitrary, counseling crime  prevention  and cater for affected family like affect ted  by acid attackers.





2 thoughts on “What We Do

  1. how can we partner with you, our NGO is called concern for the Girl child-CGC, we work in Kampala, Nakawa division, Luwero district in kamira, and Luwero sub counties, Nakaseke district in Kikamulo sub county. Our interventions are Girl child education where we pay school fees in secondary and high institution of learning, Child protection to all children, Psychosocial support and Health, plus other projects which includes Food security and Nutrition, and Socioeconomic strengthening
    Sammex SMK

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