African Rural Community Shepherds in Uganda

Gayaza, Kyotera-Rakai District



Agriculture and Conservation


Human Rights

Community Outreaches

HIV/AIDS Program

Micro-Finance & Revolving Fund

ARCOS –Education:

Under Arcos Education program we are running two schools. Education is key in helping low-income children move beyond poor and Arcos Uganda is very aware of this and that is why we focus on empowering these little images of God through Education from Pre-primary to Vocational Training.

We are liberating these poor, underpriviledged children through Education. Children in rural Uganda, especially Kasaali –Sub-county face many barriers in gaining a proper education. The ultimate goal of the Arcos-Education program is to help poor students in this area overcome these obstacles and harvest their educational dreams.

Through this program we have set up two schools and one with a vocational section:

Gayaza Pre-paratory Junior School– started in1998 at the Rev. Cornelius Kateregga’s  home (Director) to cater for the little ones who would not be able to attend public schools which were 5-10kms away from the village and to cater for the vulnerable ones who had some sicknesses and those children who were already living with HIV/AIDS but have been neglected by their parents. Click here to learn more

Gayaza Secondary and Vocational School–  started in1998 to cater for the hudreds of poor students who had dropped of out of school due to the long- distances of nearby secondary schools and also to create an integrated education structure where students can learn skills to make them self-reliant- Click here to learn more

Child Sponsorhip Program– The number of orphaned and vulnerable children in our sponsorship program has drastically increased.  These are mainly children of parents who were HIV positive and have since passed away or are too weak  and poor to support their children.  To ensure that these children don’t suffer, we facilitate educational sponsorship for them. We have over 230 children in this program. Click here to learn more

ARCOS- Agriculture and Conservation:

With over 99% of the community members supported by Arcos Uganda depending on agriculture and farming for their living, as these provide income, employment and food.

A program on Agriculture Development is fundamental for reducing poverty and boosting growth.

Demostration Farms– In Uganda, agriculture is the backbone of the economy, contributing 90% of the rural poor’s household income. ARCOS Uganda started demonstration farms that trains local and educate locals about affordable farming methods to increase crop yields while minimizing environmental degradation. – Click here to learn more

Diary Farm– The diary was started to cater for nutrition improvement of our students at schools, products from the farm are used at school and others sent to the local market for income generating and making the project self-sustaining. Currently we have 5 cows at the farm- Click here to learn more

Fruit Tree Planting & Environment Conservation- This project is called Arcos Conserve Fruit Tree Growing Project and this started with the establishment of a community tree nursery at Gayaza village, Kasaali sub-county, Rakai District.

The objective of the project is to improve the livelihoods of local people and contribute to conservation of the environment by promoting fruit tree growing and community forestry. The mission is: “planting trees for healthier populations and a better environment”.

The project will encourage and assist local people to plant different types of fruit trees, including avocado, mango and jack-fruits as well as other tree species for forest products (firewood, timber, fodder and non-timber products) and services in the area. The primary target of the project is to establish at least two community tree nurseries to raise and plant over 80,000 tree seedlings per year for two years. Click here to learn more

ARCOS Health:

In this area, there is a government health center about 7km away from the village but there is a lack the manpower and resources needed to help the hundreds of patients who need attendancy every day. This triggered us to start a Health Care clinic in Gayaza trading center and also to start mobile clinics program to cater for these needy locals who need assistance.

Gayaza HealthCare Clinic– started in 2011 to cater for hundreds of people who need daily medical assistance and those who can not walk the 7kms to reach the government health center –click here to learn more

Mobile Health clinics– this program started in 2010 to reach out to the poor people in the deep rural communities who can not afford medical expenses and to reach out to those left by familiy members to cater for themselves and those child-headed families.- click here to learn more

ARCOS Human Rights:

This peace-makers initiative was started in 2011 with an aim to  educate our members and the public that peace is more important than woes. A peaceful society is one which is just and where all people are free to strive for wholeness. We try to create a peaceful society by motivating and educating ourselves and our community.

We believe in a world that can love, learn and liberate. Our faith calls us to action for peace, against violence and against greed click here to learn more.

ARCOS Community Outreaches:

Community Outreaches include, Home visits, Elderly support, visit to HIV/AIDS Patients to offer support, visit to orphans supported by Arcos Uganda and visit to the general communities to understand the needs of the direct and indirect beneficiaries of our services.- Click here to learn more


In Uganda, HIV/AIDS has devastated lives, plunging families into poverty as they lose their bread winner. Many children have also been orphaned as both their parents succumb to the disease. Many campaigns have started and many still ongoing to loosen the grip of the disease but many awareness drives have been a failure due to poor preparation and the message they put out. Lately, many are using a holistic approach of change in lifestyle, with awareness programs and using the support of the celebrities to pound the airwaves. Since AIDS first recorded case of HIV in Uganda was in Rakai District and the district has been particularly hard hit by the disease this program is very important here. Click here to learn more

ARCOS Micro-Finance:

The main objective of this Arcos Micro-finance and Revolving Fund program is to promote a saving culture and provide credit facilities aimed at creating personal wealth and poverty alleviation amongst our members and local community. This program  targets both business people and those intending to start viable  businesses. The people targetted first are all involved in Arcos Uganda either  through the Support Group, vocational training centre, Home based care, Grandmothers’ and the Pre-school programs. This program subscribes to the principles of incubation and it prepares the beneficiaries to a level where they gain a credit threshold to secure loans. In cases where a beneficiary is able to manage and secure bigger loans they are free to join other financial institutions with reference from Arcos Uganda- Click here to learn more


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