Get Involved


Our children either orphans or vulnerable  need books ,pens, uniforms, lunch  at school which the government cant pro vide apart from paying the teachers , school administration and general tuition .  Each  child needs above 100$ per term for primary children per  term. you can count for  yourself a monthly $5 $10. You can contribute for the welfare of a child to choose (see paragraph /album).

  • You can send your contribution to an organization account………….at stanbic bank kyotera branch
  • You can give your details through contacts for communication  and delivery.  A/C  details {African Rural Community Shepherds in Uganda. A/C   0140565696301  swft code: SBICUGKX

Support or Participate in Our programs


There are several ways you get involved and become a developmental partner.

Donate to education support program lampsomely to individual student on a constraint for the cause.

Donate for construct: for construction of  our Junior school (Gayaza Preparatory school )

Donate to construction of orphans +vulnerable conference centre  and hostel.

Donate to construct and facilitate of construction of a vocational school appended to a secondary school.

Construct fundraises and promoted  all programmes by being on food agent where you are.

Volunteer by commimg to work with us in the areas of health service, community development,teaching at primary  and secondary and vocational school.

Sending relevant useful information


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