The life of a girl child in Rakai District  since the time HIV/AIDS started eating up their parents or on those born with AIDS has been a controversy.

 Orphans  pose with a vistor

Many have not gone to school while others have been abused sexually by their close relatives or given hand labor or forced into early marriages. With the coming of Arcos Uganda may have come for rescue for education or counseling, arbitration or placement into other kind families for care.


At Arcos Uganda  some have been given the opportunity to learn skills in order that they sustain themselves after and during schooling.

Gayaza Secondary and Vocational School of Arcos Uganda has been of use to them and they can live with a smile.


Some of them are accommodated at school and put in caring families during holidays.

So far we have more than 150 girls and more are applying to come.

At the moment we are constructing a girl’s hostel which now at a level of finishing, plastering, shutting and flooring and providing enough beds.


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