It was 1st July 2011 when there was a serious drought in the village of Gayaza, when Arcos was having a meeting of its board of Directors.  It was hot in every room that the meeting was held outside under a few trees planted in the school compound.


Meanwhile all the crops had been scotched by the terrible sunshine, the whole village was yellow and there was assurance that there would be a terrible famine in the area (and indeed there was)


Once this Land Hand Trees

Once this Land Hand Trees

David Kimbugwe one member in our concluding minute of any other business invited Arcos to participate in tree planting as a solution to give a remedy to the ever increasing lack of rain and the spreading drought /in contrast to what used to happen before.


The meeting turned out to be discussing on famine, environment protection by Arcos and the whole area of Kyotera.


Causes of cutting trees in Rakai

The area in Kyotera county like so many other areas in Uganda was full of trees but currently there is people are cutting down trees due to the following:-


People have to cut trees and as the population grow for:-

          Building their houses

          Fire wood

          Cutting timber for sale and use for furniture and construction

          Charcoal for fuel at home and selling to near by towns

          Clearing to plant other crops

          Burning bricks to construct their houses

          Clearing sites for building and construction of usable  facilities on ground

          To reduce pests and animal that hide or dwell in these trees and attack or destroy people’s crops

          Getting medicine


Advantages identified of planting mangoes other perennial trees

·         Mangoes and difference good species are available

·         They can easily be put in nursery bed in if the monocarp and endocarp (hard inside) are removed and a mango bean is planted.  It germinates in less than three weeks

·         By one or two months, the plant is long enough to be planted

·         So long as it gets enough water after planting it does not whither quickly


A Volunteer Planting Mango trees

A Volunteer Planting Mango trees

Advantages of gardening mangoes

·         Mangoes is food – it has good source of vitamins

·         Its easily maintained, it does not require much labor even they young and old can look after it at any stage

·         Mangoes is a good source/ of income without much input

·         Mango trees outlive any human being if properly handled.

It is an eternal assured supply of food and money


Mangoes for environment protection

·         Mangoes are ever green

·         Mango trees are not good for timber.  Therefore it is not cut for timber

·         Tradition in Africa has it that a fruit tree should not be cut.  Therefore it is protected by African culture

·         If they are well spaced, one can do inter cropping




We at Arcos we have so far planted 2000 trees of mangoes and are planting more.  Our students of Gayaza Preparatory Primary and secondary school and members of Arcos participate in the mango planting


We are extending the idea to the communities of Rakai


Please donate

For each family to have at least 20 trees @ 5,000 each

This is $ 8 dollars per family

Donate $ 8 dollars to extend mango growing for empowering the rural community and environment protection.



P.O. Box 188, Kyotera

Tel:  0772 459250 / 0702 459250


Rev. Kateregga Bakubanja Cornelius

Executive Director



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